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Week of 13 April 2014 Mathematics Seminars



Numerical methods for electronic structure calculation

Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 3:30p.m.
Eric Cances (Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech)
Abstract: Electronic structure calculation has become an essential tool in chemistry, condensed matter physics, molecular biology, materials science, and nanosciences. It is also an inexhaustible source of exciting mathematical and numerical issues. In this talk, I will focus on two standard electronic structure models, namely the N-body Schrödinger equation, and the Kohn-Sham formulation of the Density Functional Theory (DFT). The former model is a (very) high-dimensional linear elliptic eigenvalue problem. It is out of reach of standard numerical methods, but its solutions can be numerically approximated either by stochastic methods, or by sparse tensor product techniques. The Kohn-Sham model is a constrained optimization problem, whose Euler-Lagrange equations have the form of a coupled system of nonlinear elliptic eigenvalue problems. Recent progress has been made in the analysis of these mathematical models and of the associated numerical methods, which paves the road to high-fidelity numerical simulations (with a posteriori error bounds) of the electronic structure of large molecular systems.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Topology Seminar

Persistent Sheaves for Stratified Maps at 2:30p.m. in VinH 311
Amit Patel (University of Minnesota (IMA))
Given a stratified map f : X -> Y, we may study the homology (relative homology) of its fibers by studying its Leray cosheaf (sheaf), ... (more)

Automorphic Forms and Number Theory

Higher moments of quadratic Dirichlet L-functions at 5:00p.m. in VinH 301
Prof. Adrian Diaconu (University of Minnesota)

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

IMA Postdoc Seminar

To be determined at 1:30p.m. in Lind Hall 305
Krystal Taylor (University of Minnesota)

Math Biology Seminar

Self‐sustained network dynamics caused by inhibitory nodes at 2:30p.m. in VinH 364
Juan Restrepo (U of Colorado, Boulder, Applied Mathematics)
Experimental signatures of critical dynamics in functional brain networks have been successfully modeled using networks of simple excitable systems. However, these models do not typically ... (more)

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

PDE Seminar

On the boundary value problems for parabolic non-divergence equations with coefficients measurable in time at 3:35p.m. in VinH 313
Alexander Nazarov (St Petersburg State University)
We consider the Dirichlet problem for non-divergence parabolic equation with discontinuous in $t$ coefficients in a half-space and in a wedge. The main result is ... (more)

Student Symplectic and Low Dimensional Topology Seminar

Symplectic structure on the space of knots at 3:35p.m. in VinH 301
Denis Bashkirov (University of Minnesota)
J.Marsden and A.Weinstein had shown how to equip the space of codimension-2 submanifolds of a Riemannian manifold with a symplectic structure. We'll discuss this construction ... (more)

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Math Club Seminar

The Beauty of the Mandelbrot Set at 12:20p.m. in Vincent Hall 570
Dalton Schutte (University of Minnesota)
I will establish some elementary concepts from complex dynamics before using Julia sets to define the Mandelbrot set and offer some of its interesting properties.

Bobkov Student Seminar

De Bruijn's Identity - a continuation at 1:15p.m. in Lind Hall 401
Qiushi Li (University of Minnesota)

Student Combinatorics Seminar

Categorification of the polynomial ring Z[x] at 1:25p.m. in Ford Hall 155
Radmila Sazdanovic (North Carolina State University and IMA)
We develop a diagrammatic categorification of the polynomial ring Z[x] based on the geometrically defined graded algebra and show how to lift various operations on ... (more)

Differential Geometry / Symplectic Topology Seminar

HMS, Constructible Sheaves, Lagrangian Skeleta, and VGIT at 1:30p.m. in VinH 570
Professor David Favero (University of Alberta)
I will discuss homological mirror symmetry from the perspective of Lagrangian skeleta and constructible sheaves following Fang, Liu, Treumann, and Zaslow. I will discuss an ... (more)


Numerical methods for electronic structure calculation at 3:30p.m. in Vin H 16
Eric Cances (Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech)
Electronic structure calculation has become an essential tool in chemistry, condensed matter physics, molecular biology, materials science, and nanosciences. It is also an inexhaustible source ... (more)

Friday, 18 April 2014

Commutative Algebra Seminar

Euler-Koszul homology and hypergeometric systems, VII at 1:25p.m. in VinH 203A
Christine Berkesch Zamaere (University of Minnesota)
The solutions of hypergeometric systems of differential equations are among the most studied functions in mathematics. Recently, a change of variables introduced by Gelfand, Kapranov, ... (more)

Probability Seminar

Statistics of gaps within the range of a random walk at 2:30p.m. in VH 207
Vlad Vysotsky (Arizona State University and St. Petersburg Division of Steklov Institute)
Consider a centered random walk with a finite variance in dimension one. We are interested in sparseness of the range of the walk by time ... (more)

Combinatorics Seminar

A Robinson-Schendsted correspondence on complex reflection groups G(r,p,n) at 3:35p.m. in VinH 570
aBa Mbirika (Wisconsin-Eau Claire)
The classical Robinson-Schensted algorithm establishes a bijection between permutations in the symmetric group S_n and ordered pairs of same-shape standard Young tableaux of size n. ... (more)

MFM Seminar

Price Discovery, Volatility Spillovers and Adequacy of Speculation when Spot Prices are Stationary: The Case of U.S. Dairy Markets at 5:30p.m. in VinH 16
Prof. Marin Bozic (Assistant Professor in Dairy Foods Marketing Economics in the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota.)
This article contributes to the debate on time series properties of commodity cash and futures markets and the impact of speculation on commodity futures markets. ... (more)

Seminars Not Meeting This Week

Algeba Reading Seminar on Thursday at 2:00p.m. in VinH 2.
Algebraic Geometry on Wednesday at 2:30a.m. in VinH 113.
Climate Seminar on Tuesday at 11:15a.m. in Lind Hall 305.
Cockburn's Seminar on Monday at 8:00a.m. in VinH 570.
Graduate Student Seminar on Friday at 12:15p.m. in VinH 16.
IMA Public Lectures on Wednesday at 7:00p.m. in various locations.
IMA Workshops: Geometric and Topological Methods in Variational Calculus on Thursday at 10:30a.m. in Lind Hall 305.
Industrial Problems Seminar on Friday at 1:25a.m. in Lind Hall 305.
Introduction to Research on Friday at 12:20p.m. in VinH 2.
Jr. Colloquium on Wednesday at 12:20p.m. in VinH 16.
Lie Theory Seminar on Friday at 3:40p.m. in VinH 211.
Math Physics Seminar on Monday at 11:15a.m. in VinH 570.
Postdoc Seminar on Thursday at 4:30p.m. in VinH 570.
Reitich Research Group on Friday at 3:30p.m. in VinH 20.
SIAM Student reading group Seminar on Wednesday at 12:30p.m. in VinH 570.
SIAM Student Seminar on Wednesday at 1:20a.m. in VinH 570.
Special Events and Seminars on Monday at 12:00p.m. in VinH.
Student Number Theory Seminar on Tuesday at 1:15p.m. in VinH 570.
Student Stochastic Seminar on Friday at 1:25a.m. in VinH 570.
Student Topology Seminar on Wednesday at 2:30p.m. in VinH 311.